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The Ireland Blogging Network is a community project aimed at extending the reach of its members’ Ireland-related blog posts.

To take full advantage of what the Ireland Blogging project offers, a blog must first be listed on our Network Members page.

Any blog which contains regular posts about Ireland can apply to join our network. Ireland should be a major geographical topic which features regularly in each member blog’s overall content. We can only promote individual blog posts which focus primarily on Ireland.

We aim to make the Ireland Blogging experience as easy, flexible and successful for bloggers as possible

Maybe you are already an established Ireland blogger. Or maybe you are working on your very first blog post. Either way, we are here to help your stories reach the people who want to read them.

Bring your stories to our attention

We can only promote your blog posts if you bring them to our attention. We recommend the following sequence:

  • Compose and publish your blog post on your own blog just as you would normally do.
  • Share the URL of your newly-published blog post by announcing it on Twitter and Facebook. This announcement must not be a reply or comment to an earlier social media post.
  • To ensure that that your blog post announcement shows up in our notifications, you must tag Ireland Blogging’s Twitter account or Facebook page. We might miss it otherwise. Please note that this is a primary requirement for all blog posts we share.
  • If your blog post relates to any of the core topics we feature, you are very welcome to also tag their dedicated Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. This will allow us to display your announcements in our monthly newsletters. Please note that announcements posted as replies, comments and direct messages on social media will not display properly in our monthly newsletters.
  •  That’s all you need to do!

When composing your blog post’s social media announcement(s), please refer to our checklist.

    We’ll do all the rest

    Once you have brought your newly-published blog post to our attention, we will do the following:

    • We will read your blog post in full and assess if it its suitable for sharing on Ireland Blogging’s social media feeds.
    • If your blog post is suitable, we will share its announcement on social media. We will also give your blog post a ‘like’.
    • If you tagged any of our core topic Twitter accounts or Facebook pages in your announcement, we will share it accordingly on those feeds. 
    • We will also showcase blog posts in monthly bulletins on our core topic news hubs. These bulletins will also be linked to from our Ireland Blogging monthly newsletter