Signing off

We have decided to close down the Ireland Blogging community platform.

Since April 2018, the Ireland Blogging community platform has been sharing Ireland-related stories posted by bloggers on a range of topics. During this time, we have made a few tweaks to make things easier for bloggers. These changes have also made the platform more efficient to manage and integrate with our core-topic hubsites.

Our goal has been to promote a wide selection of bloggers and a diverse range of topics, to connect those bloggers with as many readers as possible, and to see bloggers returning to use our platform to reach new readers.

Unfortunately, there has been a lesser demand for an all-Ireland multi-topic community blogging platform than we had expected. The Ireland Blogging platform has not attracted a sufficient number of returning bloggers and followers to justify our efforts. As a result, our attention has been diverted away from our core-topic hubsites, and it is on their development that we must now refocus.

The last year has been a valuable experience as it introduced us to some great bloggers with interesting stories to share. We hope they will continue to use our core-topic social media feeds to promote their stories.

Going forward, we will continue to post our own news stories on the core-topic news hubs as we step away from the community blogging side of things. We will also continue to share your blog post announcements as and when you bring them to our attention via our core-topic social media feeds. Your announcements, however, will no longer feature in our monthly newsletters.

This is the final post to be published on Ireland Blogging.

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